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Soy for Hot Flashes and Other Menopause Symptoms

soy-picI love natural solutions to natural problems, especially products that are inexpensive and give me almost instant results. It’s truly the best of both worlds. Soy isoflavone is one of this products.

Besides the fact that many studies have shown that soy isoflavones, in the right dose, can reduce hot flashes in women experiencing menopause; using natural remedies allows me to use a more exact barometer– myself in finding out if a product really works for me or not. In the case of soy- it does, often within a day.

I remember hearing as a young fashion model in Italy, that taking Soy pills at an early age may reduce menopause symptoms in later life. That and the soy pills were a sort of natural breast enlargement remedy I don’t remember which was the ultimate reason, but I started using soy pills and did indeed notice a significantly positive difference in the way my shirts fit!

So fast forward to 2009, when a traumatic life event caused me to experience elevated levels of stress, cortisone production and alarming weight gain, which eventually led to early hot flashes at the age of 38. Stress, extreme toxicity or weight gain are the commonly known reasons for the early on set of menopause. Those who know me well, know how I feel about hereditary conditions are largely due to the lifestyle and dietary conditions we learn from our parents as much as any gene pool anomaly. Its worth noting how stress causes overabundance of cortisone which facilitates weight gain which leads to extreme toxicity a major reason why overweight individuals are at risk for life threatening disease remember fat exists to store toxins!

Hot FlashSo here I am 38 and feeling like I put my toe into a volcano a few time a day and night! Right away I’m thinking What the heck! No way I’m taking a bunch of meds and getting my lady parts removed as so many older American women have been urged to do by their doctors, and that’s when I remembered the Soy pills!

A bit of research, confirmed what Italian women had told me: they don’t suffer hot flashes because they take Soy and only about 10% of Asian women suffer these mystifying body heat surges, as opposed to 80% of American women- and soy products are a major dietary staple in Asia.  Go figure.

I zipped over to my local health food store and scored a bottle and within three days the hot flashes ceased entirely. Whew! I thought I was a goner for sure, for in all my adventures, nothing was more frightening than the understanding that I would be set afire several times a day and night for the next three-twenty years!

Now because I likeTropics to give substances a bit of a rest to detox myself (wouldn’t want to add addiction to my list of concerns) and give my body a reset to avoid developing an intolerance to something I value so much, I stopped using it once the bottle was empty and things went well for the better part of two months, until laying in bed it dawned on me that something was wrong- it was getting very hot..I was getting ver-Oh no! and then it, just like that, it was over. The hot flashes had come back.

So. The soy hadn’t “cured” me. Whatever was happening was definitely on track, only I no longer experienced the unnerving hat streaks. I went on Amazon and bought another bottle. Since me and Soy were going to be such good buddies I opted for a whole food version of the supplement this time. This means instead of isoflavones made from chemicals and additives, this one came from the soy beans. It cost a bit more, but it would work better and safer than what I had settled for the first time out.

Hot-flashesThis time it took just one day for all signs of the hot flashes to pass. So thinking I was maybe “cured.” I let this bottle finish without a refill as well. Big mistake, within three weeks I found myself sweating profusely in front of an audience while giving a speech.

So no cure for menopause, only the symptoms. I would always need it.

Have you tried Soy isoflavones for hot flashes? If so, let us know how it worked for you.

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