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Metaphysician, Author, Counselor and Personal Growth Facilitator, Mary (also known as Nova Grace) is an ordained non-denominational minister with a Bachelor’s Degree in Metaphysical Counseling and a Master’s of Divinity. 

Mary has traveled to over 107 cities in 21 countries as a lifelong student of personal growth and world spirituality.  She has been intuitive all her life, however she accepted her calling in 2007 and taken up the path of spiritual guide.

Born in South Carolina, Mary is of African American and Trinidadian ancestry and speaks 4 languages fluently. Mary believes that if everyone would operate at their highest good and use all their talents and gifts for the good of humanity people would only do jobs they enjoyed and be richer and more fulfilled- as a result the world would be a very happy place.

These are just a few of the testimonies Mary has received over years of spiritual counseling.
What People say about Mary:

I was recommended to Mary by a very special friend, who highly recommended her and insisted I use her services. I didn’t really understand the nature of her work, but I thought I’d explore it.

When I met Mary, her inner power struck me and I knew I was in the presence of a beautiful being of light. Our session focused on my relationships as she believed this was one of the areas that I came to master in this lifetime and she felt I needed some guidance in this department.

She was absolutely right! At the time I was in a challenging relationship with a man who wanted to change and control me. The sex was great, so that made it a bit challenging to leave the relationship.

When I asked Mary to look into his chart, right away she confirmed what my intuition had been telling me and that was that he was not the man for me.

She added, “you will enjoy him for a while, but this man is looking for his mother in his wife and he needs a woman that is malleable and who he can control, so that he can do his thing on the side”.

She said, to me “you know you are not that woman, you need a man who can handle your power and not be intimidated by it.” She said “when you are over this current relationship you will meet the man for you, he will be a very evolved man who is in some way involved at a high level in the fitness-wellness industry, he will be very developed at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level and he will be a very free man who will celebrate your freedom. He will just sit and let you do your thing while thinking with pride “That’s my woman””. She went on to say “this man is a Sagittarius.”

Sure enough, Mary’s observations turned out to be true. The guy I was seeing became more and more controlling, he started telling me things like “why can’t you dress like my mother?” “My mother doesn’t have male friends, behave like a lady you shouldn’t have male friends either… and by the way you need to stop seeing male clients and work exclusively with women.” As far as doing his thing on the side, that turned out to be true also, as he slept with another girl while we were together. Mary was right on again, she had described him to the tee!

Mary said to me, you need to do a lot of introspection and healing from your previous relationships so that you can get past this lesson and be ready for your man. I did just what Mary told me and I got the inner strength and power to not make the same mistake I had made in the past which was to give myself away to please my partners.

So I decided to break up with this guy. Interestingly enough, as I was breaking up with him we ran into Mary in the most random of places. I stepped away from him and told her that I was breaking up with him because he was acting out the behavior she predicted he’d engage in. She said “good for you” and smiled in a very sweet way. I felt like running into her that day was a sign that I was on the right path by deciding to stand my ground and put an end to this relationship.

Little did I know that her predictions would continue to unfold.

On the 4th of July I was randomly invited to a BBQ. Although I had other plans with two of my best friends I felt this amazing urge to go, so I broke my plans with my friends and instead I went to the BBQ.

Shortly after I arrived, a man walked in with a group of people. The minute I laid eyes on him I realized he was my soul mate. I was at the BBQ with a drop dead gorgeous man, yet all I could do was look at my soul mate, who by the way wouldn’t typically be the man I’d go for, yet I was completely captivated by him.

I’m known for being a very confident, extroverted, flirtatious woman, yet I found myself extremely nervous around him, to the point where my legs were shaking. One hour or so into our conversation we confessed our attraction for each other and we’ve been inseparable since. It turns out he is a Sagittarius, he is a leader in the fitness-wellness industry, he is super evolved physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in all the ways that Mary said he would be. He also, sits back and lets me do my thing without interfering, he totally celebrates and accepts me for who I am!!!” Again she described my soul mate with out missing a detail.

We kissed that night under the fireworks and all I could do was laugh and cry. I was in such a state of awe as I understood that God was manifesting itself so clearly in this surreal experience. Right there and then I understood that Mary was an angel who was sent to prepare me for this moment. And this was NOT by telling me my future instead she:

Inspired me to trust what my intuition was telling me which was that I was with a man that I was not compatible with.
She expressed the consequences that I’d experience if I stayed in a relationship with him as I would not be happy because in order to make it work I’d have to give myself away to please him.
By helping me connect with who I really am based on my natal chart, I was able to more clearly define what kind of man I wanted to attract into my life who would be compatible with me.
She empowered me to introspect and find the common denominators in my past relationships so that I could learn the hidden lessons in those experiences and move on from them. In doing so, I would open the doorway to meeting the man who I have the potential to build an amazing life partnership with.

I’m so grateful for having met Mary, my angel, as she shed light on a path that seemed dark and empowered me to find the answers within myself so that I’d be ready to accept my blessings. I look forward to continue working with you Angel Mary!

Thank you


Ximena Gonzalez

Hi Mary

Great to hear from you – hope Nicaragua was good fun! Thank you for sending the readings, I shall enjoy going through them myself. Your reading was excellent – everything you said helped make sense of where I feel I am right now, and importantly where I need to focus in the near future. As I said – you are a Sage and a truthsayer of great talent!

It was really really great meeting you – I had certainly hoped to see you again before leaving  – but look forward to meeting up another time. Let’s keep in touch – and let me know when your website is up and running – and if you are coming to DC at any time in the near future – will have spare room.

lots of love,”

– Amal-Lee

“Nova (Mary)!

Dear Mary,

I hope you are enjoying this pleasant day.

I think I learn well, and from the most sane, most highly tuned-in and aware woman I know. You are incredibly good. You now know that I have had some contact with holistic human development professionals who are or were really good, people in high demand and in at least one case World-famous in her area. I have been told that Caroline Benjamin has some clients who are government ministers and heads of state. Some people consult with her every morning, five days a week, even though she charges $125 an hour. The last I knew two years ago she was turning down new clients. I also mentioned a very forward-thinking and tuned-in psychotherapist who traveled back and forth between two dynamic and successful practices in Atlanta and Minneapolis. There have been others, and as someone born on Feb. 27th who is also a healer I have some abilities to tune in to who is really good.

You are incredibly good, as good as these people, as good as anyone. You can take your practice wherever you want to go. Just please remember your friend Gary when you are booked solid and charging more than I would even want to think about. At that time hopefully I would be able to afford those rates. But it does feel really good when someone says “I have a special arrangement just for you,” which of course you have already done with me. Caroline for a long time charged me less than her going rate (which was lower at that time). The holistic health intuitive in Chicago charges me once a year for a reading (actually I tell him to charge me), and then gives me his thoughts and impressions at no charge any time I call him during the next year. (He may do that with other people as well.) When I first consulted with him he was charging $50 for a consultation. The most recent time in January, he said he is now charging $100, “but for you it will always be $50.”

Mary, you are as good or maybe better than anyone I have known, with all respect and affection for them. You bring things to the table and talk about things that I have been looking for and in some cases even asked for, but no one else has had. You are an incredibly good, multi-talented medicine woman

It was truly enjoyable, very special and beneficial to talk with you on the phone today. Wow…. you do such incredibly good things for me. Each conversation is transformational. Sometimes I realize it even more afterwards. Thank you for the wisdom of all your suggestions, and all of your suggested homework

It was enjoyable and enlightening to see you work in various ways during our session. I had the impression from our very first session that you were probably using more than one medium in your observations, and if you choose to say that you are not psychic (I would say you are), then you are certainly using a heightened intuition. Thank you for showing that trust and friendship with me to allow me to see you in action.

Thank you once again for your friendship, for caring about me in such a special way, for the generosity of your heart and for bringing so much of your special being to bear to help me. Thank you also for thinking of me and planning a special session on my birthday, and thank you for your wonderful and special birthday gift.

On another topic, it is very, very enjoyable to talk with you, someone who is so well-versed on so many topics, and who obviously has developed her own spiritual-energetic discipline and focus to a high level that I can feel physically. It is quite noticeable. I also think that, in addition to all of the other benefits of sitting and talking to you, it is raising my energy and awareness level. Maybe it is putting me in a field that is helping to raise my own field. Maybe it is also that friendly field giving energy to my own and helping me to be more of who I can be, more of who I truly am. ”

– Gary, Miami

Hi Mary,

Thank you…I enjoyed sharing a moment with you..I really appreciate your insights,they are really on track and very inspiring.I am still in San Jose and will be back Saturday. Let’s try to connect this week end if it works with you.

I look forward to seeing you again. love and light” – Samia

Mary has been my most treasured resource for over a decade now. The reason is so much more than the just the startling accuracy of her readings. Her gentle, yet frank, nature reminds me that, whatever a reading might reveal, I have a capable friend that is right there to guide me through. She never judges, instead she counsels me about the best way to find my own way. To open my heart and mind to the messages the universe gives me. Nova, I can’t thank you enough. You have helped me not only navigate my spirituality and destiny – but have inspired me to find fulfillment in each and every day. You rock! RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!

-M. R.

Hi Mary,

I absolutely loved your reading. It was fun and positive and sincere! I would recommend it to everyone!

P.S. Moraya (my son) would possibly like one he said after he is back from his vacation

Much love,