Motivated Incorporated

Love is The Answer. Who Cares What The Question Is?

miguelangeloAt Motivated Incorporates, we encourage Interfaith based fellowship and we believe that the entire human race is one big interwoven expression of GOD. When we become greater human beings by working on ourselves the world naturally becomes a better place to live in. In this real-world-wide-web, all peoples and religions exist to contribute to the greater good in their own special way.

We believe that to become a better human being it is necessary to study ourselves, others beliefs and religions in order to obtain a higher degree of respect, tolerance, understanding and love for our fellow man. When we learn to recognize and humble ourselves to GOD in all things we can begin to manifest our true Christian nature which Jesus spoke of or what the Buddha referred to as the “Buddha nature” in all things.

The truth is one. There is but one true thing in the entire universe, we are one. One God, one person, one heart, one mind. One world, one love. One. Everybody wants the same thing. Peace of mind. For some people that means money, a bigger house, more friends, being famous, being loved. These are all substitutes for the love we must show ourselves. The wholeness that is achieved through loving and acknowledging self on the deepest levels. Then can all else be made manifest. Because as we love ourselves, truly and deeply, irreverently, thus are we loving GOD. And because GOD is in everyone, we consciously become ONE with all. Then we may be and have all that was meant for us in the first place. Wealth, security, love.

Poverty is first and foremost a state of mind. Every state of being is a state of mind. Happiness, sadness, richness, homelessness, loneliness, fame, obscurity. That which we seek is there as if floating around us on a merry-go-round, displayed before us like candies in a chocolate shop window, we need the key to that window to partake of the feast. That key is within us. It is love. Love is a physical thing. We can feel it as sure as we can feel a fever or a cold. Except that Love is the ultimate pleasurable experience. It’s a tingly feeling. A high not unlike the one you might get from smoking marijuana (this is not reflect our views on the use or misuse of it). When is the last time you truly felt Love as opposed to desire or attachment?