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9 Reasons Why I’m Focusing on my Personal Brand.

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So many words and ideas. So little time.

Welcome to my first blog post on, where I share insights and information on Practical Spirituality (and not so), Personal Development & Productivity, Communication, Holistic Health and Transformation.

I spent an entire year–and when I say one year, I really mean five– evaluating, I  really mean obsessing over, the pros and cons of spending valuable (and increasingly limited) time creating an authentic personal blog experience, in addition to several other professional blogs I maintain or write for.

I know that today’s internet best practices dictate the creation of specialized “niche” blogs for every subject, but frankly, it doesn’t ever work out. Does it?

It’s always the same.

Inevitably, you either give up your life completely, in order to write 6 or more lengthy, truly in-depth blog posts per week or sadly, you end up with several orphan-like blogs, each with that is-anybody-home ghost-town feel of those unforgivable-month-old-posts or the embarrassment and relentless self nagging I-know-I-am-suposed-to-be-doing-something-right-now-instead-of-enjoying-this-concert stress of the professional-suicide-six-month-old latest post.

Professional (and Google) impressions aside, no one seems willing to admit the obvious: If you’re blogging, and doing it well, you’re not workingunless your blog actually is your job.

For the rest of us who make the real world (you know, the one with brick and mortar storefronts and physical people’s bodies in it) go round, frequent blogging is is often little more than a theory.

You keep starting new blogs, but you never really do it. That’s because it’s just not realistic, or sustainable long-term–even less so when you (like more and more people today) have multiple side gigs, have a competitive career requiring aggressive continuing education, or you own a small business where (Lucky you!) you get to be a CEO and…a worker, a janitor, receptionist, salesperson, accountant, and marketing exec all in one 8 hours day!

If you haven’t experienced this yet. Don’t worry. Statistics say you will soon. And that is why I made this blog, to help you save your sanity as you attempt to change your life and attempt to thrive as you get on top of  the paradigm shifts of 21st Century.

Keeping up with the Niche bloggers? I’ve been there and done that an here’s what I learned.

1. Blogging has to work for me and not against me.

To me, everything is Spiritual, and therefore, personal.

I’ve grown to distrust people who use the phrase: “Its only business”, because they only seem to use it in explanations about why they screwed you. I live (or try to) by my spiritual principles of how business (and all relationships) should be conducted, with the belief that we do not do business with businesses, we do business with people.

Therefore, when you work with me, you are not working with a company, except on paper. In reality, you are working with a person–me.

By that token, everything is business. Life is perhaps the big business of all. I am person and my business, by default, is personal. And being the multi-faceted person that I am allows me to do my best work for you.

For example, the fact that I was an international fashion model for 12 years, makes me a great presentation and style consultant. Just as having later worked as a Fashion and Reportage photographer gave me a great eye for what sells and why and the ability to identify what others see themselves–crucial to healing, and coaching.

Speaking four languages has endowed me with exceptional skills for communication, research of all kinds, cultural empathy and the uncanny ability to mimic an author’s own voice during editing and understand what they are trying to communicate.

Being an Interior design and art school graduate means art direction and design work is professional competent. The high-stakes lessons of being a mother have taught me first class motivational skills, long-term vision and crisis management.

Perhaps most pervasive of all is the fact that I am first and foremost a Spiritual Seeker; one who seeks sharing, growth, and win-win outcomes from all my interactions, learning and feeling grateful for both the good and less good experiences. Not to mention that as a writer and metaphysician, I have written over 600 articles online and in magazines and worked with private clients for years as a healer and life coach. I am definitely someone with a lot to say.

Now, how does one even begin to incorporate that into a bunch of different blogs?

The answer is you don’t. You can’t. I won’t. Here’s why.

My Story

I have suffered for  many years and all-nighters trying to maintain professional standards on the Internet by opening niche sites for my expertise in various areas and maintain their corresponding blogs in the hopes of gaining credibility and Google juice. By the only standards that matter to me, my own, I failed miserably.

Not only was I unable to blog 1-3 times per week on all of them, I was overwhelmed and failed to build anything of lasting value (to me) on any of them. Even worse, as a writer, I felt i let myself down, because my blog posts had a plastic generic quality I just could not abide by. The fact was, I did not have the time to focus wholly on any one task and I was all over the place.

On top pf that, I gained 50 lbs from the overflow of cortisone to my body resulting from lack of sleep and stress related to not completing tasks I had begun.

Finally, I understood, I had to make a change. What good was having a Bachelor’s degree in Holistic Health when I was too busy to practice what I knew for myself? What good was money if I had to spend it on special expensive stuff to fix my health ruined by sitting at the computer all day? What good was “success” when I did not have time to cultivate those 5 hugs a day I knew to be central to my well being?

I had too many websites and too many blogs when, at the end of the day, everyone I meet is a friend and every professional job I do is spiritual and personal for me.  The fact is, there is nothing to be gained from 5 blogs and there is everything to lose.

Every book I edit becomes a transformational experience for the writer and myself, every website I build may be positively impacted by Motivated Incorporated, because that is what I am and what I bring in my constant search for growth and self-fulfillment.

2. My hipster son told me my Facebook posts are getting way too long. My solution? Time to get serious about blogging.

This is the part where I am supposed to tell you how great, good and qualified I am to edit your book, help you solve your problems, entertain or educate your group, teach you something, build your website, package your book, or write your article/copy.

But we are gonna skip that part here and I will let my testimonials speak for me on the various websites listed on my profile to the left or at the links above. Because really everyone says that, it sounds uncool, and there is always some one more great, more good and more qualified to do the things I do.

And the truth is, people really only hire the person they like and trust. In order for you to get to know me, it behooves me to talk about the one thing I can do better then anyone! Me!

No one in the universe is more qualified to be me! And I am not perfect. I am just me; a well-intentioned seeker who makes a lot of mistakes in my eagerness to separate the wheat from the chaff and fulfill my purpose. Believe me, that is a job in itself! So, before I get to my shiny impressive spiel. Let me just say…

I goof up. A lot.

More in life than in work.

But it has made an expert at what not to do!

And my life is so unbelievable and blessed with amazing dumb luck (also known as Synchronicity, but I prefer to call them Miracles) that I can sometimes come off just like a female Forest Gump.

So I avoided voicing my opinion too loudly across the blogesphere and used Facebook posts as a cop-out.

And I’m okay with that now. Because that is the real reason why I know all the things I know. And buddy I know some things! 🙂

Seriously, I consider embracing my quirks and flaws (the Shadow) a true triumph in this life. Not perfection, because I have learned,  accepting myself, warts and all, is what it’s all about.  The journey. Not winning, being right or succeeding. Just being.

So, there’s that, and, apparently, blogging about goof ups, is what people most enjoy reading about. Go figure!

3. This is not my first blog post.

It is my first blog post as myself though. Not some perfectly anonymous media professional or business person, but me. Besides being a hallmark of the most successful blogs, it has always been my goal to write blog posts with a fearless authentic voice and doing so requires me to write what I believe in. To spend the effort and the time creating something REAL.

And while I’m being real, let me just point out the elephant in America’s cyber room right now: Who’s got time to run an actual business AND an online business AND become better at your actual job AND grow as a person AND become spiritually self actualized AND have a healthy life with healthy relationships? Me thinks no one does and I for one have seen the writing on the wall: The prize is an empty box.

Well, not exactly empty. It is full of Stress and Regret. Stress to achieve impossible standards of omnipresence and regret that you have wasted so many years with your eyes on that “prize”.

4. Anything doing is worth doing well or why bother?

Let me explain, let’s say I’m a book editor, writer, designer, and consultant who heals people and lectures on personal and global transformation, and with friends in 20 countries who is passionate about personal development and human potential. Oh wait, I am!

In today’s world, you would be expected to maintain a blog and social media account for each of these endeavors if you wish for any of them to succeed and you do assuming you are not doing all these things for nothing. That adds up to an editing site w/blog, healing site, speaker site all with various social media profiles as well as a personal method of contact to keep up with all your friends.

Not only does this mean learning every new platform and mastering each new app, software program, Google and Facebook update, but also creating and scheduling new content on a consistent basis for all of them.

Google is expecting 2000 words per blog post and Consistent basis means at least once every week! For those of you who are new to the economics of blogging, Neil Patel explains blogging for business process in this post when he says: “For that reason, you better love what you are blogging about, or you won’t have the will power to blog on a consistent basis.”

AND on top of that, you have to actually do stuffWORK! Not just blog about it.

5. Time is worth more than money. I cannot always get more.

Let me share with you the daily life math I’ve been wrestling with for the past few years that led me to my decision:

24 hours in a day

minus 8 hours spent sleeping if I don’t want to look like I live at sea (Wrinkles! When you look and feel your best you do better overall.)

minus 1-2 hours spent grooming, flossing, scrubs, etc. if I don’t want to look like I live at sea (Argh! Scurvy anyone! Your dentist assuredly makes more than you will by doing that extra hour of work!).

minus 4 hours planning and executing physical maintenance tasks like juicing, working out, planning and creating healthy meals at home,(stress+ MSG and GMOs+ lack of sunlight+ inactivity= weight gain & costly dis-ease= death! non optional, no brainer there).

minus 1 hour for meditating, focused Breathwork and doing spiritually uplifting tasks throughout the day (not trying to go on anyone’s legal drugs!).

That leaves 8 more hours to work!

Now, where does time come from for quality of life needs on the wellness scale like visiting with friends or family, hobbies, learning new skills, reading, socializing, or love relationships? You know, life?

I’ll tell you where. No where! Zilcho time to live– unless you change the game and the prize.

6. Niche marketing was fragmenting my life and hurting my focus on my goals.

Masquerading like several entities (niche marketing) in real-time (blogging/social media) no longer serves the multi-faceted individual,perhaps if it ever did. My clients know I am great at what I do and they hire me for what’s inside my head and heart and the person kitchen table type of intimacy they receive with me. What sets me a part is my spiritual outlook and my understanding that it is not separate from everything I do in my daily life.  What makes my work different is the way I chose to live my life and the learning and adventure experience I consider every project to be.  You will find that great things happen when we have positive intention and immerse ourselves in creativity.

7. Helping People Succeed is all That Matters.

I am my work, I spend as much time reminding my authors to eat well, meditate and exercise as I spend telling my healing clients the benefits of journaling and profound implications of mediation, creativity, and self-expression for all humanity. Each get generous helpings of image consulting My friends and family just get the whole earful (hence my son has put me on a Facebook social rant diet) so this blog is equally important for them as well as myself.

Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 11.22.21 PM

8. There is no advantage to having four blogs, if they all suck!

There is only the promise of exhaustion, for which you would be useless anyway. Anyone seeking a corporate experience would not be an ideal client because what they seek is to maintain the fear structure of their personal duality paradigm, not a competent personalized service, which is priceless in and of itself. Which is fine, just not for everyone.

Not to mention it is all about sphere of influence, a concept I learned in another life as a Real Estate Agent and one of the greatest blog posts of all time on The Techium, all an artist or service person needs to make a living is 1000 true online fans and well, I’ve got that already on Facebook, so it is in my own best interest to speak from the heart and focus on making great indepth blog posts of value to this group of people.

9. My Solution: SIMPLIFY.

I am done trying to be many things for many people. Sleeping 5-6 hours per night and changing 10 hats a day working to live. Simplify. This is my blog. Period. Anything I have to say about ANYTHING can be found here. 1 person 1 blog 1 life.

Whatever brought you here, stick with that category on the right or take a chance and learn something new. It’s all good.

Come on in. The water is fine.

Love and Light,