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Exercise Beats Depression By a Mile

You don’t exercise, so you begin to feel bad. You begin to look bad. Pretty son, you feel so bad that you don’t exercise.

You go to your therapist–because you feel bad. Your therapist gives you a magic happy pill that makes you feel good, but the magic happy pill is expensive, it makes you fat or takes away your sex drove, so, eventually you begin to feel bad.

Come on already.  exercise make you look good and releases endorphins (happy juice) into your system and makes you feel good–without the side affects. I am not talking OK good, I’m talking yippee happy!

Did you know a 20 minute walk every other day would completely change your life around? Did you also know standing at your desk for a few hours a day would also change everything from your blood circulation to your sugar levels? Have you ever considered walking at your desk with a treadmill desk? You’d really be rolling then!

This neat infograph from will give you all the ideas you need to make it happen. Enjoy!