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Doing What You Love and Supplying Human Needs

imagesWould you pay for affection?

What if I told you that your life depended on it?

Well, what if I said cuddling relived anxiety and depression and strengthened the immune system? Because it does.

We are all connected online, but statistics show that people are lonelier and more depressed than ever. Many people live alone and touching strangers is considered rude in many cities.

Yet, as social creatures, and we do still need those basic 5 hugs a day for basic health and wellness. The healing power of touch is coming into it’s own as practices such as Reiki and Massage Therapy are becoming more mainstream methods of healing and preventative medicine.images-1

Perhaps nowhere is this phenomenon more evident right now than in Oregon where a woman has opened the first ever professional Cuddling Shop, where for $60 one may receive an hour of compassionate, non-sexual embracing or company in your choice of 4 intimate settings.

Sounds amazing, you say? Well believe it. The most amazing part is that she’s had 10,000 customers and crashed her website in her first week!

Here’s an ideal example of a  business idea of our times. It is soul-centric, timely, lucrative and serves humanity in a way that we need at this time. It is delightful to see someone following their heart and offering love to others who need it. I look forward to seeing more of these types of start-ups in the future.

If you have an new idea that gives love, compassion and hope to others- go for it! Don’t listen to anyone but your heart. Times are changing and we need new solutions to the chronic problems of our times. You can make a difference with your original and unusual idea. Trust the universe.

Find out more about the cuddle shop here:

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