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You May Need a Life Coach if:

By Mary McBeth


These days, you read about Life Coaches everywhere. You may even know someone who utilizes the services on a Life Coach but still be unsure whether a Life Coach is right or even necessary for you.

Find out below if you may need a Life Coach at this time of your life.

You may need a Life Coach if:

  1. You’ve been trying for some time and still are not getting the results you want.
  2. You realize that the results you keep getting are just not what you really want or need.
  3. You are facing big life changes or a major transition, either because you want to or these changes are being forced on you somehow; such as divorce, job loss or illness.
  4. You know you need a change but don’t know how or where to start.
  5. The people around you wish to support you but they just do not truly understand what you need or want from your life.
  6. You feel like the people around you are holding you back.
  7. You are looking for more satisfaction from life
  8. You want to take your career to the next level.
  9. You want to make significant changes to your relationship
  10. You’ve tried everything but you still can’t shed those unwanted pounds and inches, can’t keep a deep committed partnership or can’t make the jump late in your age.
  11. You need to talk to someone about sensitive issues and prefer a non-biased confidant.
  12. You need serious encouragement towards a positive lifestyle.


If you are experiencing these kinds of issues, a Life Coach can help you. A Life Coach is just a phone call away and can help you find creative ways to deal with:


  • Personal self-control issues

Such as weight loss, eating problems, shopping addiction, lack of discipline and desire to exercise more. You can call your Coach anytime; they can remind you to go to the gym everyday if you want. They are available all the time and you may discuss any private or sensitive topic with your Life Coach.


  • Identifying life goals

Such as finding a career, acquiring a certain profession or learning a new skill. A Life Coach can help you start a business, write a business plan or even write a book.

Build speaking skills by helping you change your outlook on public speaking and be more confident.

Improve your people skills by discussing your current style of dealing with others or role playing to help you change and improve step by step. Become a more productive person and get increased motivation in the mornings by giving you a wakeup call along with a morning pep-talk.

In fact, your coach can call you at key times throughout the day if that is what you have decided is needed in order for you to achieve your goals.


  • Finding a mate and improving yourself

To improve your relationships. A Life Coach can help you find a girlfriend or boyfriend or improve your existing relationship: it is always helpful to have someone committed to your success; you can give your coach a quick call for confidence any time.

You may even consult a Life Coach for issues regarding sexuality and personal preference. Your Life Coach can even help you to improve your personality and become a better, stronger person which will make you more attractive to potential mates.


  • Being happy

Apply the Law of Attraction to attract the career, friends and relationships you want. Having someone to talk to and listen to you any time may help you to understand yourself and others better, find a purpose in life, reduce your stress levels, feel good about yourself and have a more positive outlook on life. You can even call a Life Coach just to cheer you up.


A life coach is affordable and they will be there for you and help you find strategies to cope and thrive in the midst of chaos.

A life coach will help you lay out all the pros and cons and make the best decisions for your success and love and happiness.

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