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Motivated Incorporated, acts a catalyst for change to assist in bringing about a new conscious and self-aware version of yourself. More individuals are depressed or taking mood altering substances now than ever before. A pervasive feeling of inadequacy, failure and disappointment reigns. Society and the media distort our personal values and insinuate expectations of the average individual that far exceed the abilities of most. In a futile effort to maintain our public facades, less and less time is made available to consult with the quiet voice within. One gets more and more caught up in “the game.” Until you don’t know who you are anymore.

Is this our American Dream? Is this the reason you started it all? Probably not. Have you ever thought that there must be more? more to life than this? There is, so very much more. There are reasons for this. There are reasons for everything. Humans are being forced to “wake up” now from the dream… Mankind is awakening from millennia of ignorance. Our world is changing at an unprecedented rate. Information is coming in an overwhelming quantity and rate of speed. Everyday, life is getting faster. Life is not going to slow down. It is you that will have to alter your way of thinking in order to not only survive, but to be happy in this new world order.


It is all part of a process known as Evolution. Sometimes you will find that you need a little assistance. This is the assistance we can provide you right now. I am Mary McBeth, your Evolutionary Midwife. The change is you. Be the change.

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